VNEXT iQ and ESI Technologies Partner to Deploy VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with ESI technologies to provide VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure for customers in Canada. VNEXT, a certified Microsoft Partner with extensive experience in Azure Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementations and deployments, has partnered with ESI Technologies, a VMware partner that […]

What is Change Management

In our everchanging globalized economy, organizations deal with continuously shifting conditions in their external or internal environments. These changes can be a result of shift in market conditions, change in customer demands, rapidly changing technologies, variations in economic conditions, emerging competition or self-induced changes. Businesses must continually reevaluate their business model and ask questions about […]

Microsoft Cloud App Security

  A lot of organizations hesitate when thinking of going to the cloud with all its benefits and the challenge of keeping an organization safe, perhaps because the thought of losing control over some many aspects at a security level. In this blog, you’ll learn how Microsoft Cloud App can help your organization get the […]

Information Barriers in Microsoft Teams

  With the current technologies, we can communicate and engage with colleagues from work at any time. However, this “open communication” could represent a serious risk for some organizations or industries. When some departments are handling information that shouldn’t be shared with other departments, or when a group needs to be prevented from communicating with […]