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Build Custom Apps with Power Apps

Power Apps

The low-code platforms help IT leaders accelerating digital transformation in organizations. But What is low code? Low-code development is a way to build software applications faster by reducing the need to write code. Using a low-code platform, users can create apps utilizing drag-and-drop modelers and point-and-click interface creation. It enables the rapid creation, deployment, and maintenance of powerful business apps.

By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity (Source Gartner).

Benefits of Low Code

  1. Low code/ no-code solutions have the potential to reduce the development time by 90%.
  2. 70% of low code users who had no experience at all before using low code platforms learned low code in 1 month or less.
  3. Among IT teams that used low-code solutions, business units were 21% happier with lead times than among those without low-code.

What’s Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for unique business needs. It allows you to create Mobile Apps that run on Android, iOS, Windows (Modern Apps) and with almost any Internet browser. Using Power Apps, you can create three types of apps:

  1. Power Apps Studio is the app designer used for building canvas apps. The app designer makes creating apps feel more like building a slide deck in Microsoft PowerPoint. More information: Generate an app from data.
  2. App designer for model-driven apps lets you define the sitemap and add components to build a model-driven app. More information: Design model-driven apps using app designer.
  3. Power Apps portals Studio is a WYSIWYG design tool to add and configure webpages, components, forms, and lists. More information: Power Apps portals Studio anatomy.

Supported Platforms for Running Canvas Apps

This table device platform and web browser requirements, limits, and configuration values for canvas apps.

Power Apps

Supported Browsers

Power Apps

Power APPs Licensing

Here is a brief overview of capabilities included with Power Apps for Microsoft 365 plan. More details around which Microsoft 365 plans include these capabilities can be found in this Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Licensing guide here.

PowerApps in Microsoft Teams

You can also quickly and easily build your own app from scratch within Microsoft Teams. Here’s a quick animation of installing Power Apps and starting up your first new app:

Power Apps

Bring AI to your Apps with AI Builder

Microsoft has introduced the AI Builder inside Power Platform; it gives everyone in your organization regardless of their technical experience the ability to add AI capabilities to the apps they create and use. AI Builder is a turnkey solution that brings the power of AI through a point-and-click experience, so you don’t need coding or data science skills to access the power of AI.

Can PowerApps Talk to On-prem Systems?

PowerApps using the on-premises data gateway can talk to your on-premises infrastructure. The data gateway can be deployed centrally and allows you to manage data and helps connect securely from PowerApps, so you can benefit from your existing on-premises data investments without the need to move any data.

On-Call 365 Solution for Healthcare

VNEXT iQ released a solution that combines Power Apps, Shifts, Power Automate, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to help Healthcare organizations automate and modernize processes as well as to manage communications during disruptive times, to ensure that their businesses have the digital capabilities for business continuity and stability while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Click here to learn about this solution.

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