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Six Reasons Why You Should Work With A Microsoft Partner

What Does It Mean To Be Microsoft Partner?

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (formerly known as Microsoft Partner Network) is a huge technology-driven ecosystem of hundreds of partners worldwide building and providing services and solutions around Microsoft technologies. Currently, the Canadian market holds around 15,000 Partners who work towards one main objectiveenable Microsoft technologies to help customers from diverse industries grow securely and sustainably while driving innovation for their businesses.  

Launched over 30 years ago, the Microsoft Partner Network Program has been constantly evolving with new innovative solutions, programs and capabilities for partners. Such upgrades are aimed to help customers meet economic, social, and environmental challenges and opportunities for innovation. In October 2022, Microsoft announced new solution categories for partners to be specialized in, so they can showcase their expertise and the areas they can add more value to customers in:  

  • Data & AI 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Digital & App Innovation  
  • Business Applications 
  • Modern Work 
  • Security 

The evolving IT landscape enables businesses of any size, any budget to get access to efficient, automated, reliable Microsoft tools and resources. When it comes to advice on the breadth of integrating innovative solutions for efficient hybrid workflows you need an experienced solution provider. We listed down the benefits highlighting why you should choose a Microsoft Partner.

Six Reasons To Work With A Microsoft Partner

1. Valuable industry expertise

Being a Microsoft Partner implies great responsibility to ensure high-quality solutions tailored to the unique customers’ needs. 

Industry expertise is one of the fundamental qualities a Microsoft Partner can provide to small, medium-sized, and large companies. It can ensure delivery of innovative solutions and services tailored to specific vertical scenarios, challenges, and market priorities. Industries like healthcare, public, legal, mining, and retail – are great examples of verticals that have very specific compliance and governance needs, so the more a Partner gains a deeper understanding and exposure to their customers’ vertical needs, demands, and the complexity of their IT operations– the better accuracy of right solutions and services they will provide.  

Relevant experience supported by customer success cases can help the customer understand if a Partner has been expertise-driven enough to help the company overcome similar challenges.  

2. Cost optimization

Getting the most out of your IT investments is extremely important for a company of any size. 

By working with a Microsoft Partner, customers can embrace a visible return on existing and future tech-related expenses. At the core, Microsoft consultants aim to deliver high-quality solutions based on examining your business needs, along with related industry challenges. 

Microsoft Partners are committed to establishing long-term relationships with their clients. Therefore, their fundamental objective is to advise customers on how to get the most out of each service and solution. By working with Microsoft Partners, customers will get a broader understanding of what  Microsoft licensing model they would benefit the most, as well as getting ongoing guidance to make and optimize the use of that IT investment. For clients, this value implies that technology optimization can not only improve productivity, but it can also come with significant IT costs savings.

Microsoft Azure has also been advertising tools and resources for customers to control their savings in a beneficial way. Shutting down unused resources and setting up budgets for teams and projects – are only some of the ways that can help optimize the costs. Click here to discover more.  

Cost optimization

3. Certified professionals getting your back

Microsoft provides the most relevant educational support to empower Partners to gain profound technical training and skills. According to the official data, Microsoft is committed to a 250% year-over-year (YOY) increase in spending in this area.  

The collaboration between Microsoft and its Partners includes a constant exchange of information, skilling, and training to guide the best-performing customer journey. Partners must be up to date on technologies, certifications, specializations, and other technical and business capabilities. This implies that working with a Partner can help the customer get the most out of the latest product and solution updates, upgrades and expertise.  

Customers can always research the Partner staff’s certifications, industry, and product expertise. Customer success stories can also be a valuable indicator to analyze how some pain points and challenges were faced by experts, and what Microsoft solutions were developed. 

4. Always keen on cutting-edge IT experts

Technology is one of the most demanding areas in our digital era and IT professionals aim to maintain a high level of awareness about recent upgrades, changes, and related features. For Microsoft, being at the same pace with those dynamic changes defines a Partner’s capability to continue delivering strong IT efficiency – “doing more with less.”   

Working with Microsoft Partner experts will secure the delivery of the custom strategies and technology roadmaps to empower customers’ businesses with the latest technologies and drive innovation within the organization.  

5. Access to Microsoft programs, incentives, and funding  

Working with Microsoft Partners can unlock a breadth of benefits and exclusive offerings within Microsoft programs. Nowadays, customers have been able to get access to various fully funded initiatives that would educate about all the technologies and services customers are interested in. Microsoft Partners aim to help businesses know more about what Microsoft solutions can improve their workflows and communications in a secure, seamless, and productive way. 

For example, one of the key assets enabling customers to know more about Microsoft technologies they are interested in – a workshop delivery. Workshops are partner-led engagements designed to bring more awareness to Microsoft solutions meeting customer needs. If you are interested in transforming your business towards innovation, but not sure where to start – workshops can be your right starting point. As a Microsoft Partner, we deliver a wide range of workshops based on solution areas of the customer’s interest. You can contact our consultants for free to check out what workshops you qualify for. Click here to know more about the workshops currently available.

6. Direct and prompt reach to Microsoft

One of the core benefits associated with working with a trusted Microsoft Partner – is instant access to Microsoft stakeholders. The value Partners brings reflects in bridging Microsoft and customers worldwide to unlock opportunities across diverse solution areas. As Microsoft Partners, VNEXT iQ services are going beyond the technologies, training and consultancy. We aim to help your business achieve long-term success. End-to-end direct guidance and support are crucial deliveries our team is committed to. 

Team Up With A Right Partner!

The mentioned above factors provide reasonable benefits to start your digital journey with a Microsoft Partner. Based on these features, you can check out different Partner types that will ease your decision-making process. VNEXT iQ can be the right extension of your IT team, offering you a wide range of consulting services by implementing cutting-edge technologies.  

As a Microsoft Partner, VNEXT iQ is inspired by the mission to deliver long-term customer IT support and guidance to achieve strategic business goals. Fueled by regular training and assessments to upgrade technical proficiency, our experts aim to seek the best matching with Microsoft solutions and services to help your business grow. Click on the link to learn more and see what best meets your industry calling needs. 


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