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Scheduling appointments within an organization is not an easy task, and it gets a little more complicate when you need to manage appointments with clients. This is why Microsoft have introduced Microsoft Bookings: an online scheduling and appointment bookings tool that is part of Office 365. Bookings can stand alone or integrate with Outlook calendar and email to ensure the accuracy of individual’s availability and to send event invitations and reminders anytime.

By using Microsoft Booking, you can help your clients schedule and manage appointments themselves online. The web page is easy to use and works alongside your team calendars ensuring it is always up to date. With Bookings you can send your clients pre-scheduled reminder emails with the option for them to add the appointment to their calendar, reschedule or cancel if they will. It’s an easy and affordable solution for many businesses.

How Microsoft Booking works

There are two different ways to make Microsoft Bookings:

  • Customers can book an appointment themselves by using the online booking page
  • The company’s staff can manually enter the appointments

In conclusion, to make an appointment in Bookings, the customer first selects the service they want. Then, based on the availability schedule created, they can choose a day and time and enter their contact information to book the appointment.

Bookings Components

In order to help you understand how Bookings works, I’d like to share the three primary components:

  • A booking page where your customers can schedule appointments with the staff member who should provide the service.
  • A set of web pages where business owners can record customer preferences, manage staff lists and schedules, define services and pricing, set business hours, and customize how services and staff are scheduled.
  • A  mobile app where business owners can see all their bookings, access to customer lists and contact information, as well as make manual bookings.

About Licensing

Microsoft Bookings subscriptions and licensing

Above all, there is no additional cost for creating multiple booking pages, and additional staff members are not required to have Office 365 subscriptions.

Meet virtually anytime from everywhere

Bookings provides you the ability to make your organization’s meetings virtual with online meetings via Microsoft Teams.  Attendees can join the meetings via web browser, phone dial-in, or the Teams app. Bookings is also available as an app within Teams, which allows you to create Bookings calendars, assign staff, and both schedule new and manage existing appointments without ever leaving Teams.

Customize your own Appointment Bookings page

When it comes to customization, your Bookings page can look and feel like an extension of your business. You have the possibility to choose the main layout as well as to customize the following features:

  • Scheduling Policy
  • Email notifications
  • Minimum lead time
  • Staff availability
  • Region and time zone settings.

Who can use Microsoft Bookings?

This solution is ideal for any type of business that needs to regularly schedule and manage appointments with clients. From dental and healthcare companies, Law firms to financial providers and education organizations, there are several industries that can benefit from this appointment bookings solution.

Making things easier across your organization

Bookings can help you address and resolve a variety of scenarios and situations, and it’ll help customers find an user-friendly website that will allow them to book meetings, reschedule appointments as well as to receive email reminders faster.

Learn more

In conclusion and if you would like to benefit from the ease and simplicity of Microsoft Bookings or you want to learn more about Microsoft 365 features and best practices, connect with our specialists here or visit our blog to stay up to date on more productivity topics.




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