How to secure your Microsoft 365 Tenant

With more businesses working remotely now than ever before, managing the security of an organization today can be challenging. At VNEXT iQ, we are here to ease your load by providing some key information and guidance on how to help you protect and secure your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Protect your organization from identity-related attacks with security defaults

Security defaults help protect your organization from identity-related attacks by providing preconfigured security settings that Microsoft manages on behalf of your organization. Microsoft is making security defaults available to everyone to make it easier to protect your organization from these attacks, with preconfigured security settings like:

  • Requiring all users to register for Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Requiring administrators to perform multi-factor authentication.
  • Blocking legacy authentication protocols.
  • Requiring users to perform multi-factor authentication when necessary.
  • Protecting privileged activities like access to the Azure portal.

Establish Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

The number of the communications via email is still predominant. In 2021, 4.03 billion people around the world use email. That’s why secure the email infrastructure is key for all size organizations. Ensure the DNS records are added to prevent perpetrators from sending mail as your domain. Without an SPF record, anyone can send an email from your domain and pretend to be a user from your organization. SPF and DKIM both add an extra barrier to intercept these attacks.

Create an emergency access Admin Account

Microsoft recommends that you create two emergency admin accounts (Brake glass accounts). The idea behind this is that these accounts are excluded from multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies. These accounts prevent you from being locked out of your Azure Active Directory in case of an unforeseen circumstance.

Monitor your Microsoft Secure Score

Following the Microsoft Secure Score recommendations can protect your organization from threats. From a centralized dashboard in the Microsoft 365 security center, organizations can monitor and work on the security of their Microsoft 365 identities, apps, and devices.

Microsoft Security Score
Microsoft Secure Score helps organizations:
  • Report on the current state of the organization’s security posture.
  • Improve their security posture by providing discoverability, visibility, guidance, and control.
  • Compare with benchmarks and establish key performance indicators (KPIs).

In conclusion, the recommendations above are the key foundational items to secure your Microsoft 365 tenant. If you would like to get more details and get started, fill out this form to download our security whitepaper!

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