Manage Devices and Applications with Intune

Optimize the way your manage devices and applications with Intune

Following the productivity initiative launched few months ago here, we continue to supporting your journey to digital transformation by providing shortcuts and useful tips to help you best leverage the use of our Microsoft licensing, to make your daily tasks easier and more productive.

In today’s productivity tips blog post, you’ll find 3 key tips for you to best optimize the way you manage your organization’s devices with Intune.

Productivity tip 1: To check for non-compliant devices in Intune

Device compliance policies now contains configuration properties for the configuration of actions for noncompliance. More over, the actions for noncompliance allow administrators to configure a time-ordered sequence of actions that are applied to devices that don’t meet the device compliance policy criteria. By default, when a device does not meet the device compliance policy, Intune immediately marks it as non-compliant.

  1. Go to Endpoint portal and then go to Devices.
  2. Then open the Overview.
  3. Check the non-compliant devices.
  4. Now you can also check the reason why those devices are not compliant.

2: Change how many devices each user can enroll

Intune/Endpoint Manager has a maximum of 15 devices, where Azure has a default of 20, however this can be changed to a few different values, including ‘unlimited’.

  1. Go to Endpoint portal.
  2. Click in Devices.
  3. Then enroll devices.
  4. Then click Enrollment restrictions.
  5. Change the default policy on Device limit restrictions.
  6. Click in properties to edit the Device limit.
  7. Select the number of devices each user can enroll.

Productivity tip 3: Enhance Intune portal security

Every step matters so simple configurations have quite an impact on your infrastructure. To enhance your Intune infrastructure security you can configure automatic sign-out based on inactivity time to do it just :

  1. Firstly configure automatic sign-out then, go to right-up corner.
  2. Click in Settings.
  3. Then click in Signing out + notifications.
  4. And set the sign out time when inactive (After 15 min recommended)

Stay tuned for next month’s productivity tips!


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