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Make the most of your Microsoft’s Note-Taking App OneNote

Following the productivity tips launched in September here, we continue to supporting your journey to digital transformation by providing shortcuts and useful tips to help you best leverage the use of OneNote and other Office365 Apps, to make your daily tasks easier and more productive.

In today’s blog post, you’ll find 4 key shortcuts for you to make the most out of your OneNote usage.

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1. How to save a OneNote as a PDF and print, share, or view your notes offline?

If you want to share some of your notes, but don’t want to give someone full access to all of them, you can print your notes as an Adobe PDF

Remember that if you update a notebook, the changes will not be reflected in the PDF. You should also be careful to select just the part of the notebook you want to save as a PDF – if you only intend to save a page as a PDF but save an entire section, for example, you might share information you didn’t mean to with someone.

To do it:

  • Open OneNote and select the notebook you want to save as PDF
  • Click the three dots at the top right of the window and choose “Print.”
  • In the Print window select “Microsoft Print to PDF.”


2. How to sync Microsoft OneNote notebooks on a Windows PC and keep your work up to date across devices?

To help save your work and ensure that no progress is lost, whether you are in the office or on a mobile device, OneNote allows a sync feature. OneNote will update your latest changes, so they are visible wherever your notebook is open. Even better, with cross-platform syncing, shared notebook viewers and editors can access your most current OneNote work. You can choose to sync a single notebook or all of them.

To sync OneNote notebooks across all your devices:

  • Launch OneNote from your PC.
  • Select “File” to pull up account details and options for notebooks you’ve created
  • Click “View Sync Status.”
  • then select
  • Click Sync All to sync all of your shared notebooks.

3. How to remove old or unwanted notebooks without deleting it?

If you don’t need to see a notebook in OneNote, you can remove it without permanently deleting it. This lets you add it back later if you ever need to see it again. But if you want to delete a notebook permanently, it’s important to note that there’s no tool in OneNote to do this, just:

  • Click the current notebook, then in the drop-down list of all your notebooks.
  • Right-click the notebook you want to remove
  • then “Close this Notebook.”

4. How to print from Microsoft OneNote and create hard copies of a section, page, or entire notebook?

While it may seem counterintuitive to print hard copies of files created with OneNote, some people can read them printed more easily.  They’re also perfect for showing people from other workgroups what you’ve been working on.

If you want to print from OneNote, here’s how to do it in a few easy steps.

  • Launch OneNote and the notebook you want to be printed
  • Click the three dots in the screen’s top right corner
  • Select your printer and the number of copies, the page orientation and whether to print the current single page, current section, or the whole notebook.

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