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Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that combines communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Accessed through Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva supports organizations and their employees alike to balance wellbeing and productivity throughout the working day.  

A lot has changed over the last couple of years including the way we work. For instance companies around the globe are struggling with how to navigate this evolving world of work. The modern working life is becoming increasingly digitalized. Thus, we aim to build an employee experience platform to help employees bring about balance to their working lives.  

In this blog, we’ll explore the business benefits of Microsoft Viva. Show why you too should be thinking about making the most of it for the good of your organization. 

What is Microsoft Viva? 

An employee’s experience should be holistic right from the way from the on-boarding process. Moving to the phase of collaborating with colleagues and continuing education. 

Microsoft Viva integrates directly into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to unify and improve employee experience as a result, across four different modules: Insights, Topics, Learning, and Connections. 

  • Viva Connections: A framework through which you can deliver your intranet to keep employees informed, connected, and inspired. It brings a personalized feed of information that is relevant to the employee. 
  • Viva Topics: Firstly this frees up time by making it easy for organizations to find information and secondly it puts knowledge to work using AI-powered technology. 
  • Viva Insights: Give leaders, managers, and employees data-driven, privacy-protected insights, thus helping everyone to keep focused and organize their workloads effectively. 
  • Viva Learning: Empower people to gain skills, educate and develop themselves. It’s integrated into a number of learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn. This can also be linked to in-house content meaning learning is embedded within the apps employees already use.

Benefits of  Microsoft Viva

Here are some ways businesses can leverage the benefits of Microsoft Viva:

Employee Engagement: By bringing company communications and news into Teams, Microsoft is aiming to address engagement challenges. Increased productivity. As a result employees work smarter and faster with easy, intuitive access to the information, experts, processes and tools they need. 

Easily accessible: Most businesses use Microsoft/Office 365 and having an employee engagement platform within this technology suite will make it easily accessible to most organizations. In addition Microsoft Viva is fully integrated/built on top of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. 

Better Employee Wellbeing: Even the most engaged employees can suffer burnout when they fail to unplug. Employees begin to lose productivity and take longer to recharge when burned out. In other words, Microsoft Viva provides routine reminders for wellness checks and meditation. It even includes a virtual commute to help workers unplug at the end of the day. 

More mobile friendly: No matter what your role is in the company. Above all Microsoft Viva Connections offers a streamlined experience for tackling important tasks from your mobile. 

Share knowledge within your organization: Viva Topics is a great way to connect with individuals and knowledge experts in their organization, improving productivity and collaboration across an organization teams. In other words, It also helps reduce barriers for new starts and facilitates knowledge sharing.  

Lean More 

Every organization is built differently and requires a unique strategy. Your industry, company, vision, mission, and people should have an individual digital workplace plan. As a result this brings them to life and helps everyone move forward. 

If you’d like to learn more about what Microsoft Viva can do for your business, contact us today or check out our workshop offering available here.



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