Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops

The cloud accelerator workshops are Microsoft-funded and partner-led engagements that provide step-by-step guidance and content to assess your specific business needs, help you learn about case scenarios through immersion experiences, and wrap up with actionable deployment plans and recommendations for free.  

What topics are available, and how can they add value to your business? 

  • Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce workshop: For customers using Exchange, Skype on-premises, or solutions that are disconnected or at risk and would like to learn how Microsoft 365 can help. Learn more.


  • Hybrid Meetings and Rooms Workshop: To help employees run effective and secure hybrid meetings and get strategic conversations tailored to your specific needs. Learn more


  • Modernize Communications Workshop: Discover Teams Phone capabilities through immersive experiences, use-cases, and deep-dive planning, and get actionable recommendations. Learn more


  • Collaborative Apps workshop: Maximize your use of Microsoft Teams by leveraging custom-built collaborative apps, process automation tools, and integrating business and Teams app. Learn more.


  • Microsoft Viva Workshop: Enable communication, learnings, training, and insights to keep everyone engaged and informed at your organization. Learn more.


  • Endpoint Management: To improve your current endpoint and device management practices while helping users be productive by accessing the apps they need. Learn more


  • Enable Frontline Workshop: Designed to help organizations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes. Learn more.

Benefits and Outcomes of the Workshops

  • Opportunity to dive deep into your business priorities and explore specific use case scenarios.  
  • Get workload analysis and a customized report with actionable recommendations to implement.   
  • Microsoft funded. No paperwork is needed on your end.  
  • Access to partner guidance and support along the way.

How to get started?  

  • Check workshops availability with VNEXT iQ to find out what topics you qualify for  
  • Confirm interest  
  • Approximately 10-12 hours of commitment from your end per workshop  
  • The engagements need to be completed within 90 days, so lightweight  
  • Works out to about 2-3 hrs/week  
  • Final deliverable is a plan with recommended steps with a proposed timeline to reach your respective end goal  
  • There is no commitment required on your end to implement the recommendations 


Connect with VNEXT to get more detailed information here.   


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