Learn About Microsoft Cloud App Security Policies

Continuing with our blog series about Cloud App Security where we’ve last shared a quick summary of on how to get started, we’ll talk about policies in today’s blog for you to get to know more .

Cloud App Security Policies allow you to define the way you want your users to behave in the cloud. They enable you to detect risky behavior, violations, or suspicious data points and activities in your cloud environment. If necessary, you can integrate remediation workflows to achieve complete risk mitigation. There are multiple types of policies that correlate to the different types of information you want to gather about your cloud environment and the types of remediation actions you may want to take.

For example, if there’s a data violation threat that you want to quarantine, you need a different type of policy in place than if you want to block a risky cloud app from being used by your organization.

To see more detailed information about how to create policies and how to managed them click here.

Setup Cloud discovery

Cloud Discovery analyzes your traffic logs against Microsoft Cloud App Security’s cloud app catalog of over 16,000 cloud apps. The apps are ranked and scored based on more than 80 risk factors to provide you with ongoing visibility into cloud use, Shadow IT, and the risk Shadow IT poses into your organization.

  • App risk Score
    The apps are ranked and scored based on more than 80 risk factors to provide you with ongoing visibility into cloud use, Shadow IT, and the risk Shadow IT poses to your organization. To see how to work with app scores click here.
  • Discovered Apps
    Once an app is connected using one or more of these methods, you get instant out-of-the-box protection with our built-in anomaly detection engine. Additionally, you gain deep visibility into the app’s user and machine activities, control over data shared by the app, and can build detection policies with governance to mitigate any risky activities or sensitive-data sharing by the app. To learn more about how work with discovered apps, click here.
  • Connected App
    The Cloud Discovery dashboard is designed to give you more insight into how cloud apps are being used in your organization. It provides an at-a-glance overview of what kinds of apps are being used, your open alerts, and the risk levels of apps in your organization. It also shows you who your top app users are and provides an App Headquarter location map. The Cloud Discovery Dashboard has many options for filtering the data. To see Deep into discovered apps click here.

Learn How to Set Daily Tasks with Cloud App Security

The information presented in the dashboard is an overview of all the most important information about your organization. Each information card provides links to a deeper investigation of the information presented. You can also choose to view the dashboard information for a specific app using the filter provided.


If you would like to to dig in into how to working with the dashboard and what else you can expect to see in it, read this blog post here.

We have shared an overview of possibilities and configuration details of cloud app security, but if you’d like to see more in depth what you can do with the product, I’d recommend to read this blog post here.




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