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Improved controls for the Windows 10 update experience

At the beginning of April, Microsoft announced significant changes to the Windows update process.

Mike Fortin, Corporate Vice President for Windows, stated in a recent blog post that Microsoft has heard the clear feedback that the Windows update process can be disruptive, and particularly that Windows users would like more control over when updates happen.

Beginning with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, users will have more control over when Windows feature updates are installed. Microsoft will be introducing new features that provide additional clarity and control over the update experience, both for feature updates and optional monthly non-security updates. These new controls were designed to help prevent updates from occurring unexpectedly, as well as making it clear which type of update is selected.

Download and install now option

This feature provides users with a separate control to  initiate the installation of a feature updates. Users will still have the option “Check for updates” to get monthly quality and security updates. Windows will only automatically initiate a new feature update if the version of Windows 10 is nearing end of support.


Extended ability to pause updates

This feature allows Windows users to pause both feature and monthly updates, particularly when updates comes at an inconvenient time, for example, when hosting a presentation. Feature and monthly updates can be paused for up to 35 days (seven days at a time, up to five times). Once the 35-day pause period is reached, users will need to update their device before pausing again.

Intelligent active hours

This feature expands on the existing active hours feature that is designed to avoid disruptive update restarts. Until now, this option relied on being manually configured. Many users leave this active hours setting at its 8 am to 5 pm default. Whereas, users now have the option to let Windows Update intelligently adjust active hours based on their device-specific usage patterns.

Improved update orchestration

This feature will improve system performance by intelligently coordinating Windows updates and Microsoft Store updates, so they occur when users are away from their devices to minimize disruptions.

For more information, you can read the full the blog post here


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