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Build Intelligent Chatbots With Power Virtual Agents

Chatbots or virtual agents have transformed the way businesses communicate with customers. Since the growth of automation fuels the global chatbot revolution and AI advancements have been driving chatbot innovations, several organizations are investing in chatbot development and deployment.

Health care and banking are two industries that have long been thought to be well-positioned to benefit from chatbot technology, due to the large volumes of human interactions they have. That’s why Chatbots are projected to handle 75-90% of healthcare & banking queries by 2022. Check our blog post here about What is a Microsoft healthcare bot?

The benefits of chatbots

  • Available 24/7
  • Lowers Labor Costs
  • Handles Multiple Chats
  • Reduces Stress In The Workplace

What is power virtual agents?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a no-code solution that provides you with the ability to build intelligent bots easily and quickly, and help  improve your self-service capabilities, reduce the customer service workload and ensure your business stays connected.

Power virtual agents app in Microsoft Teams

Power Virtual Agents is available as an app within Microsoft Teams, which means you can easily create your own chatbots that answer questions posed by other employees or team members. Some of the scenarios where you might want to create a Power Virtual Agents chatbot in Microsoft Teams include:

  • Someone in the payroll department creates a chatbot that helps teammates get tax filing forms and information.
  • The facilities manager creates a chatbot that answers the common questions they are receiving about coming back to work after a pandemic.
  • A human resources (HR) employee creates a bot that can answer questions about vacation balance, time off, and benefits.
  • A member of the finance department creates a chatbot that helps their teammates in the finance team to fill out expense reports.

With Power Virtual Agents in Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Create bots in seconds.
  • Have bots take actions on someone’s behalf.
  • Review and analyze the performance of the bot, such as what questions are being asked the most, and how effective the bot is at understanding and answering questions.
  • Test your bot, and then make it available to your team or entire organization.

Add automation to your bots with Power Automate

When a bot interacts with customers, it might require information from other applications to provide the customer with a personalized experience. For example, if a customer asks about the weather for their location, the bot could pass the location details, such as the customer’s city and postal address, to a weather service that will retrieve the forecast for their location. Power Virtual Agents bots perform these types of actions by calling Microsoft Power Automate flows. Flows can help automate activities, call operating systems, or engage with external applications.

On top of that, Power Automate provides the following trigger and action:

  • Power Virtual Agents – Trigger that specifies input parameters that will be captured from the Power Virtual Agents bot.
  • Return value(s) to Power Virtual Agents – Action that defines output parameters that are sent back to the Power Virtual Agents bot.

Analyze bot performance and usage

The Summary page gives you a broad overview of your bot’s performance. It uses AI technology to show you which topics have the greatest impact on escalation rate, abandon rate, and resolution rate.

The Summary page includes a variety of charts with graphical views of your bot’s KPIs:

  • Summary charts – Summarize KPIs for a specified period and the percent change over the period. Read more
  • Engagement over time chart – Graphical view of the number of engaged and unengaged sessions over time. Learn more
  • Session outcomes over time chart – Graphical view of the daily resolution rate, escalation rate, and abandon rate over the specified time period. See more
  • Resolution rate drivers chart – Displays topics in order of their impact on the resolution rate over the specified time period. Learn more
  • Escalation rate drivers chart – Displays topics in order of their impact on the escalation rate over the specified time period. Read more
  • Abandon rate drivers chart – Displays topics in order of their impact on the abandon rate over the specified time period. Learn more

Power Virtual Agents Analytics

In conclusion, end customers are demanding more personalized and efficient customer service experiences; so organizations are  pushed to use bots to provide customers with self-service support solutions that can be interacted with through natural language that simulates a human conversation. Using Power Virtual Agents will help your organization can reduce costs by automate common inquiries and Improve customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in getting more information, or need help with a chatbot development, you can reach out to us here.


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