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Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization


Adoption and change management

VNEXT iQ achieves Microsoft Adoption and Change Management (ACM) Advanced Specialization, aiming to continue assisting customers in managing change early and effectively.

Change management is become accustomed to changes, ensuring that the organizations responds to the constantly changing environment. As organizations continue to revaluate their business model and ask questions about the appropriateness of their business strategies and tactics, considering change management is key to ensure they respond and realign themselves to achieve all those long-term strategic objectives.

In early 2020, the year that marked the start of a new era in terms of shift in work dynamics, our customers faced big challenges of shift in global economy, as well as abruptly enabling the workforce to work remotely. VNEXT provided continue and customized assistance in making the process smooth, keeping a loop at how users were impacted the most by these changes. As part of this, we delivered Adoption and Change Management Workshops that helped customers achieve the following:

  • Establish clear and strategic objectives
  • Communicate the end goal clearly to all stakeholders
  • Train champions on how people need to change from the current state to the future state, as well as how the transition can be made smooth for them
  • Make a customized plan of action to boost employee’s awareness.

What does this specialization mean? 

“By earning this specialization, we’ll continue to support organizations as they adopt new Microsoft technologies and maximize the value of their licensing investment. Ezekiel Calabia, Founder and CEO of VNEXT iQ”.

With the Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization, VNEXT will continue helping customers successfully move to new processes and behaviors. Along with meeting other requirements, VNEXT merits for the specialization based on the following:

  • Achieving a minimum of 10,000 Monthly Active Usage (MAU) growth within SharePoint, Teams, and/or Yammer in a trailing twelve-month period.
  • Having required number of team members who have passed the Microsoft Adoption Service Specialist Assessment.

If you would like to learn more about Adoption and Change Management, I’d recommend you to read this blog post here.

Also, we offer and can provide Microsoft Teams Adoption and Change Management, so take a look at the professional services outlined here.

About VNEXT iQ

VNEXT is a Canadian Microsoft Consulting Company that provides professional and managed services for customers of all sizes and are specialized in Microsoft Azure, Teams, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows and everything in between.


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