What is Change Management

In our everchanging globalized economy, organizations deal with continuously shifting conditions in their external or internal environments. These changes can be a result of shift in market conditions, change in customer demands, rapidly changing technologies, variations in economic conditions, emerging competition or self-induced changes. Businesses must continually reevaluate their business model and ask questions about […]

Change Management Strategy Components

A successful change management relies on clear and helpful communications about the upcoming changes. The only way users will know about their new way of working is if it’s successfully communicated to them. For a successful Microsoft Teams adoption, it is recommended to follow a structured approach that can drive change. In order to achieve […]

Driving Microsoft Teams Adoption

Microsoft Teams is an unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. There is never one single approach that successfully drives the adoption of digital workplace tools like Teams; a range of different approaches work best. Here are a few ideas to drive […]