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Transforming The future of Healthcare with Advanced IT Expertise

Experience a transformation in healthcare by enabling innovation within your organization to deliver exceptional patient experiences, modernize processes, safeguard critical data, and foster seamless connections among patients, clinical staff, administrators, and IT professionals.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, we bridge the gap between healthcare and technology, and we invite you to explore how leading institutions likeĀ The Ottawa Hospital, Trillium Health Partners, Burlington Ontario Health Team, and many others are setting the standard.

Discover the Future of Healthcare:

  • 65% of global patients will access care through a digital front door, offering improved access and enhanced experiences.
  • Witness the critical importance of data security as operational shifts have led to a 42% increase in global data breaches, costing an alarming USD 10.1 million per incident. Patient personal and healthcare information remains the most exposed data.
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Our Healthcare Clients Pioneering

Embark on a transformative journey alongside forward-thinking healthcare leaders. We’re revolutionizing patient experiences and streamlining operations with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft 365, Azure, Security and Power Platform. Meet some of our distinguished clients leading the way:

The Ottawa Hospital Leading Modernization and Secure Operations in Ontario

We are proud to have helped The Ottawa Hospital securely migrate and enable over 5,500 healthcare professionals from multiple partner organizations into one cohesive digital ecosystem. Discover how our collaborative efforts have set a new standard for patient care and operational efficiency in Canada.


Navigating Challenges in Healthcare:
Your Way Forward

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where patient expectations, regulations, and cybersecurity concerns constantly shift, seize the opportunity to thrive. Explore our cutting-edge solutions and services, meticulously crafted to tackle your unique healthcare challengesĀ head-on.

Integrate And Modernize Technologies

Unlock real-time interactions with secure information sharing through user-friendly portals, chatbots, and virtual agents for booking, consultations and more.

Processes Automation & Digitization

Boost efficiency, cut costs, and elevate patient experiences with automated workflows and processes as well as user-friendly patient tools.

Data Analytics and Reporting Tools

Seamlessly integrate data sources, harness predictive analytics, and unlock powerful reporting. We’ve got your sensitive information secured, classified, and governed.

Regulatory Alignment with Ontario Health Guidelines

Ensure uninterrupted operations and safeguard sensitive data and resources with regional security, AI innovation, and cloud infrastructure.


Proactively monitor and manage digital security risks while participating or developing Regional Security Operations Centers, ensuring timely identification and mitigation of risks.

Why Choose Us:
Trusted and Award-Winning Consulting Microsoft Partner

VNEXT Group is not just a Microsoft consulting partner; we are your guide to healthcare transformation.

Our commitment to healthcare innovation is underscored by our track record of success; we’ve been recognized and honored in the Microsoft partner awards, rounding up twice and clinching the winner’s title in 2023 the healthcare category.