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31% of organizations that have digitally connected more than 75% of their frontline workers, achieve annual growth rates over 20%.

Learn how by supporting and providing frontline workers with the right tools you can:

  • Ensure business continuity through accessible and secure tools.
  • Cultivate a productive and engaged workforce to retain top talent.
  • Transform communication and collaboration.
  • Improve profit margin and operational efficiency through automation and insights.

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About the Microsoft Frontline Worker Workshop

The Frontline workshop is Microsoft program available for organizations in retail like yours.

This engagement is designed to help your organization transform the way you connect your workforce, digitize manual processes, accelerate onboarding and empower your frontline workers with the tools they need.

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VNEXT iQ is a Canadian Microsoft Partner that provides professional and managed services for customers of all sizes and across all industries. VNEXT helps businesses maximize their Microsoft investment by implementing innovative solutions.

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