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VNEXT & Archive360 Strategic Partnership: A Leap Forward in Unified Data Governance

VNEXT Group, Press Release

TORONTO, ON, December 18, 2023  –  VNEXT Group, a Canadian Microsoft Consulting Partner, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Archive360, a global leader in unified data governance tailored for today’s complex regulatory, legal, and privacy landscapes. 

This collaboration brings together VNEXT’s expertise in Microsoft 365 and Azure technologies with Archive360’s complementary unified data governance platform powered by Microsoft Azure.

Organizations are producing ever growing volumes of disparate data year over year, which needs to be managed, classified, securely controlled and accessible by following their unique compliance, legal and management policies, and requirements.

With this strategic alliance, customers will get to fully leverage the benefits of their current Microsoft investment plus the option of extending their data governance and data archiving capabilities in Azure to provide IT, Records Management, data, security, legal and compliance teams with greater visibility and control over the management of communications from multiple data sources at each stage.

By leveraging this offering, organizations will be able to control the complete lifecycle of their data across enterprise systems, leveraging the Archive360 platform to securely and scalably retain, manage, and get value from data stored within their own Azure tenants.

Some of the main benefits of this partnership are:  
  • Optimize customers’ investment in Azure.
  • Collect and centrally manage all types of data (unstructured, semi-structured, structured) from multiple data sources.
  • Greater control over data governance costs, search performance, data access/security and regulatory compliance.
  • Unlimited scalability (any data volume, any data source) and control over data processing to balance cost / performance requirements.
  • True zero-trust security with no data access by default.
  • Control who has access, what they have access to, when and where they have access.
  • Powerful audit and reporting to track all interactions with records to ensure defensibility.
"VNEXT Group’s Azure expertise and dedication to excellence align seamlessly with Archive360’s vision for the future of data governance. Together, we aim to empower businesses to harness the full potential of their data, ensuring compliance, enhancing security, and driving informed decision-making."
Jerry Caviston
Chief Revenue Officer, Archive360
"At VNEXT, we're excited to join forces with Archive360, as this alliance is set to elevate our data governance, enhanced security, and compliance solutions. It will enable our clients to maintain full control of their data within the Microsoft environment and in its native format."
Ezekiel Calabia
Founder & CEO, VNEXT Group
About VNEXT Group 

VNEXT Group is an award-winning Microsoft Consulting Partner that provides consulting and support services to customers in Canada. Their senior experts have more than 15+ years’ experience and are certified in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Azure, Office 365, Exchange, EM+S, SCCM, Windows Server, Active Directory, Power Platform, Identity, and everything in between. 

About Archive360 

Archive360 is the unified data governance company transforming how organizations identify, collect, manage and act on their data. Businesses and government agencies worldwide rely on the security, scalability and scope of our cloud-native platform to address their increasing data governance obligations across growing volumes of disparate data. With Archive360, our customers are eliminating data silos, securing data access, increasing data insights, while reducing cost and risk. Archive360 is a global organization that delivers its solutions both directly and through a worldwide network of partners. To learn more, please visit www.archive360.com.  

Want to Hear More? 

If you would like to learn more about how to take advantage of this collaborative partnership, get a DEMO or more detailed information click here, so our specialists will reach out to you to help you get started. 


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