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Microsoft 365 Attack Simulation

Attack simulation training

Learn from a senior consultant how to fortify your organization’s defenses, improve user awareness, and outsmart cyber threats with Microsoft 365 Attack Simulation Training.

Passwordless Authentication

Did you know that even after more than 40 years of IT innovations, passwords are still the most widely used authentication method? To understand why Is so important to improve the authentication (Including passwordless authentication) methods in the organization, here are some cyber security stats that everyone must know: At least 65% of people reuse […]

Zero Trust Security

2020 was the year that proved that teams could work from literally anywhere. But while the ability to work from anywhere has truly been essential to keeping businesses and the economy functional, it has opened up new challenges that need to be addressed. Companies found that traditional security models required bringing users and data to […]

Key Cyber Risks for Financial Institutions During the Pandemic

Following with our blog series about cybersecurity and how organizations from different industries have been affected during the pandemic worldwide and have been pushed to re-think security as a business priority, and have changed the way of doing business, in this post I’ll focus on the key cyber risks for banks and other financial institutions […]

How Public Sector Organizations Can Secure their Environments

Key Security Concerns for Public Sector The Public sector can include many different areas of service such as healthcare, education, public parks, community libraries and more. Likewise, the judicial system, law enforcement and other government entities are vital components of the public sector. Cybersecurity has increasingly become a major concern for the public sector, since they […]