January 25th Webinar: Innovation in Healthcare Powered by Microsoft Solutions in 2024

Solución de ayuda remota

Cómo los administradores de TI pueden tomar el control remoto de los dispositivos de Windows 10 o Windows 11 que gestiona Intune desde el centro de administración de MEM.

Journey To The Cloud Adoption

Global cloud adoption will continue to expand rapidly. It shows up during times of uncertainty with its resilience, flexibility, and speed.

VNEXT iQ and ESI Technologies Partner to Deploy VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with ESI technologies to provide VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure for customers in Canada. VNEXT, a certified Microsoft Partner with extensive experience in Azure Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementations and deployments, has partnered with ESI Technologies, a VMware partner that […]

Run Critical Apps on Microsoft Azure

A business-critical application is any application that is essential for business continuity. If a business-critical application fails or is interrupted, normal operations of the organization cannot proceed as usual. This is one of the reasons why moving to the cloud has been helpful in addressing many of these hurdles. In this blog post, I’ll let […]

Cloud Adoption Journey

Cloud has become the primary location for businesses to store data, and the best way to move away from manual processes to a more automated way of work. This is one of the reasons why all size businesses from every industry are moving more and more their IT systems to the cloud. Enterprises who have […]

Learn About Microsoft Cloud App Security Policies

Continuing with our blog series about Cloud App Security where we’ve last shared a quick summary of on how to get started, we’ll talk about policies in today’s blog for you to get to know more . Cloud App Security Policies allow you to define the way you want your users to behave in the […]

Organización de Salud modernizó su proceso de médicos de guardia con Office 365

In these uncertain times, the healthcare industry is undergoing a significant shift to modernize and adopt new technologies to overcome their current challenges and thus improve patient care specially in emergency departments. Healthcare is a complex and unpredictable field, with professionals from a variety of disciplines involved in providing care at various times throughout the […]

Microsoft Cloud App Security

  A lot of organizations hesitate when thinking of going to the cloud with all its benefits and the challenge of keeping an organization safe, perhaps because the thought of losing control over some many aspects at a security level. In this blog, you’ll learn how Microsoft Cloud App can help your organization get the […]