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Microsoft Azure Governance and Fundamentals Virtual Workshops

Governance in Azure is a fundamental aspect of Azure Management and refers to the tasks and processes required to maintain your business applications and the resources that support them.

With this VNEXT’s Azure Governance & Fundamentals Virtual Workshops, you will learn about how Governance in Microsoft Azure looks like and how to architect and implement it.

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Azure governance creates processes and procedures that address your IT concerns plus any additional requirements that are unique to your company or industry including, but not limited to:

What are we offering?

VNEXT IQ is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience in Azure Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementations and deployments. Our specialist will help you start your Cloud Azure journey with the following readiness options.

2-Hour Virtual Workshop:

To get high-level overview of concepts and implementation.

4-Hour Virtual Workshop:

For you to get an overview with examples on the Azure Portal and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

1-Day Virtual Workshop:

To get detailed review with examples via Azure Portal and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) where users can participate with their laptops and Azure accounts with optional learning exercises. Some basic Azure knowledge is required including active Azure accounts if a hands-on-lab (HOL) option is desired.

Customized Virtual Workshops & Assessments:

To continue your Azure’s journey with more in-depth virtual workshops and customized assessments from analysis of Azure environment, insights, best practices, detailed documentation, to migration and implementation.


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